Washington Prime Group Benchmarking Case Study

The good thing about being a key player in retail real estate? A healthy portfolio of properties. The challenge? Gathering and making sense of data for those properties, but that’s why we’re here.

The Ask

Washington Prime Group owns and operates some of the country’s most exciting retail properties—108 centers to be exact, including Polaris Fashion Place, located in our agency’s home city of Columbus. With multiple properties comes multiple websites, all of which were previously being monitored by Washington Prime Group under different analytics accounts. Disparate data wasn’t offering any helpful insights, while other crucial data wasn’t being collected at all. A fundamental question remained: how are all these digital channels performing? We answered that question, and then we answered a bunch more.

The Approach

To establish a baseline of all data, we compiled benchmark reports. These reports pulled analytics from Google, email and Facebook. Results were interpreted using a bell curve, a common distribution model that identifies statistics within “normal” range. On the web, we provided averages for sessions, page views, bounce rates and more. On email, we tracked metrics like list size growth and average open rate. On Facebook, we monitored daily reach (organic, paid and viral) plus engagement.

 If that sounds like a lot of numbers, that’s because it is. We know data can be dense and overwhelming. To remedy this, our creative team made a beautiful, digestible one-sheet for most Washington Prime Group properties. The one-sheet visualized data with graphs, iconography and even bulleted takeaways for the time crunched. These reports could then easily be handed out by location for marketing directors needing to gain a better understanding of their property's digital performance.


  • Analytics & Optimization
  • Content & Creative Strategy
  • Platform Implementation & Integration
  • Responsive Website
  • User Experience Design & Development

The Outcome

Our in-depth analysis completely changed how Washington Prime Group assessed the performance of its digital channels. The company could determine which locations had the highest website traffic, which email campaigns were most effective as well as gauge the influence of social media efforts. Most importantly, we worked with Washington Prime Group to provide a measurement tool for its marketing goals. Knowing its benchmark is helping the company plan for a prosperous future filled with growth in online engagement. 


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