VCF Email Program Case Study

We evolved the brand’s email program into something that added value by getting up close and personal with consumers.

The Ask

The VCF email program became duplicative of their circular, and wasn’t living up to the brand’s promise to make furniture shopping easy. We were asked to reengage consumers, build interest and boost relevance.

The Approach

The batch-and-blast email approach doesn’t work anymore. Consumers expect more. And so did we. We created a multi-layered program that combined planned content with the power of real time targeting.

Redesigning the email templates from top to bottom, we made them a mobile-friendly mix of products, categories and content. Personalized, triggered emails were sent based on shopping behaviors—so we could intuitively promote the things we knew customers were already interested in.

While promotions are important, buying furniture also requires a little inspiration. That’s where content comes in. Our email strategy included communication around design trends and tips, in addition to the sale messages everyone expected. This kept consumers engaging with the brand regularly, even though they bought furniture pretty infrequently.


  • Creative & Editorial Copywriting
  • Email Marketing
  • Lead Generation & E-Commerce

The Outcome

We activated furniture shoppers by engaging them with emails that were tailored to their specific taste. Analyzing and qualifying consumers on the recipient list determined the content, which added value with every single send.