OTTA Redesign Case Study

For more than 25 years, Ohio Tuition Trust Authority has prepared families for higher education costs with 529 savings plans. To educate parents and grandparents about these beneficial plans, we created a website that simplified the details—ultimately making them feel more empowered in making financial decisions about college planning.

The Ask

OTTA was enthusiastic about wanting to stand out. Every state has their own website dedicated to 529 savings plans, after all. Many of them are generic, with too little or too much information. We knew success meant breaking the mold. Plus, OTTA already had an impressive value proposition—their plan is among the best in the country from a tax and governance perspective. It was time for their website and content to mirror that.

The Approach

Numerous “competitor” websites meant having a robust amount of research to draw from. Advanced user testing across desktop and mobile devices confirmed that complexity of information was indeed a key barrier. Our team compiled analytics, competitive samples and other findings to determine what gaps OTTA could fill. This helped us create the rich user experience that so many 529-focused websites were lacking.

Conveying financial information can become confusing fast. Our solution? First, we streamlined the content for readability. Jargon was reduced, while clear call-to-action buttons led users from page to page. Straightforward, SEO-friendly sections made the website incredibly simple to navigate, no matter your level of familiarity with 529 savings plans. Infographics were incorporated wherever possible for hassle-free scanning.

An emphasis on personalization and updated tools brought newfound convenience to the website. Parents, employers, financial advisors and non-profit organizations could all access content unique to them. Tools included a savings planner, financial aid calculator and a directory-based approach to determining eligibility.


  • SEO
  • Analytics & Optimization
  • Responsive Websites & Mobile Applications
  • Customer Research & Insights
  • Concept Validation & Prototyping
  • Platform Implementation & Integration
  • User Testing
  • User Experience Design & Development
  • Creative & Editorial Copywriting

The Outcome

Program enrollments online increased drastically, shifting from 30% of all enrollments to more than 50%, alongside significant enrollment volume increases program-wide.

Starting a 529 savings plan was no longer confusing or intimidating for users. Our finished website did the impossible: make financial planning accessible for all. It achieved this effortlessly across desktop and mobile.