Krazy Glue Redesign Case Study

We infused user-generated content into a product-heavy site, creating one experience that housed hundreds of real world uses for Krazy Glue.

The Ask

The brand needed to promote products, and we wanted to share the content we got from consumer submissions. We proactively suggested incorporating both features into one redesigned site, demonstrating (and encouraging) more uses for KrazyGlue.

The Approach

Pairing products and solutions together was way more effective than presenting them separately. So we engaged consumers with one unique experience that did both. Highlighting submitted testimonials promoted products and made the brand more credible. Win win.

To bridge the gap between creative solutions and product assortments, we organized content to fit within nine repair categories. We integrated products, FAQs, and the social proof that the Krazy Glue consumer relied on. Built responsively, the site made it easy to find removal instructions, browse new solutions and share them from any device.


  • Analytics & Optimization
  • Content & Creative Strategy
  • Creative & Editorial Copywriting
  • Customer Research & Insights
  • Platform Implementation & Integration
  • Responsive Website
  • SEO
  • User Experience Design & Development

The Outcome

We maximized the impact of content and changed the emphasis from the product details to the personal accomplishments that came with using Krazy Glue. The integration turned consumer solutions into brand testimonials.


Increase in site visits


Increase in average time on site


User tips, tricks and uses