Home Décor Company B2C Case Study

A home décor company made a name for themselves in the B2B space by selling collectible tin signs. However, they were offering something much more than that: American nostalgia. It was time to bring that collectible sentimentality directly to consumers.

The Ask

From the very beginning, the brand’s iconic take on home décor led them to partnerships with many top-tier licensors and retailers. As time went on, they envisioned their brand becoming more recognizable—and more accessible—to consumers. But who were their consumers? They asked us to profile demographics, analyze the e-commerce market and plan for a prosperous future. It was clear what our next step was: a B2C transformation!

The Approach

There was a lot to learn about the brand’s B2C customer. To understand them on a deeper level, we hosted focus groups to uncover customers’ digital habits and the true reasons behind their passion for certain hobbies and collections. We balanced the qualitative findings from those sessions with additional research from customer behavior databases, third-party market research firms and more. Four exclusive consumer types emerged, from the casual shopper to the die-hard fan. Then we created personas that would shape our overall strategy.  

Of course, the e-commerce market is continually changing. To put it another way: no brand can afford to fall behind. We did a thorough analysis of the industry and its top players to make informed recommendations for the client. This touched on things like leveraging the right social platforms, curating specialty products and even experimenting with virtual reality.

Bold yet attainable goals were put in place. Meeting and exceeding them meant making some critical considerations. Technology, packaging design and margins were among the areas explored. At the end of it all, a four-year plan was presented to drive transactions and dramatically grow revenue.


  • Customer Research & Insights
  • Customer Journey Mapping & Planning
  • Digital & Business Strategy
  • KPI Development
  • Touch Point Investment Planning & Buying
  • Lead Generation & E-Commerce

The Outcome

Once unsure about how to successfully enter the B2C market, this rapidly growing brand suddenly had a comprehensive plan for doing just that. They understood who their customers were, and how to best activate them. Most importantly, they were positioned to meet current needs while scaling in the future.