fred's Pharmacy Social Media Case Study

Customers turn to fred’s Pharmacy for low prices on everyday products and health services. How does the brand—operating over 600 locations—stay connected to those customers? By counting on us to manage their social media accounts, one compelling post at a time.  

The Ask

Before we took the reins, fred’s Pharmacy had trouble with consistent messaging across all social channels. Their visuals and voice weren’t clearly defined, which led to low customer engagement. They also weren’t gathering enough data from trackable assets like coupon codes. We identified opportunities that would have a lasting, positive impact on their business goals and brand image.

The Approach

Historically, the brand’s social direction has focused solely on new product and promotions. We didn’t set out to change this—it’s still the core of their business. Instead we looked for new ways to showcase these products. Eye-catching animations and narrative copy played a significant role in that transformation. They were excited by our recommendations to use new ad platforms and technology, like Facebook Canvas and 360-degree videos.

To boost engagement among followers, we brought balance to the messaging mix. Starting with several posts a month, we took straightforward promotions out of the equation. Conversational language, editorial imagery, interactive polls, health insights and more deepened customer connections to the brand.

Our team created and followed monthly content calendars. That meant knowing what would be trending when and posting accordingly. Unique promotional barcodes that could be easily tracked brought even greater transparency to that data.   


  • Social Listening & Community Engagement
  • Photography, Video, Audio, Motion Graphics
  • Creative & Editorial Copywriting
  • Content & Creative Strategy
  • Customer Research & Insights
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Social Media Strategy

The Outcome

Engagement across all social channels was boosted, creative became cohesive and strategy more refined. We managed to find the perfect balance between product promotion and meaningful brand stories. Customers couldn’t wait to visit their nearby fred’s Pharmacy location.


Facebook Reach increase


Daily engaged Facebook user increase


Facebook Fan increase (2875 new fans to the page)