We created a one-of-a-kind experience to save photos and share memories about the first day of school.

But what we really created was an emotional connection.

The Ask

The connection between brand and customer was lost. We were asked to build interest among the core audience of parents, teachers, crafters, and DIYers.

The Approach

Buying Elmer's means going back to school. That first day is special, and we saw an opportunity to be there while moms were capturing it. We built the connection between Elmer's and its customers, and made the brand stand out when category awareness was at its highest. The strategy? We made Elmer's the Official Sponsor of the First Day of School.

This audience had a love for journaling — and we embraced it. We created an integrated mobile app and microsite that allowed users to edit and save photos, write heartfelt captions, build slideshows and share their first day stories from their iOS and Android devices.

To top it all off, we integrated a charitable tie. For every photo taken, Elmer's donated a glue stick to The Kids In Need Foundation.


  • Microsite
  • Mobile App
  • Social Integration
  • Media Outreach
  • Cause-Related Marketing

The Outcome

Parents leveraged the journaling aspect, and reconnected with the brand because of it. With millions of impressions, the app became as memorable as the new glue smell of Elmer's itself.

85 MM

Digital Impressions




Glue Sticks Donated to the Kids In Need Foundation