Barbasol Site Redesign Case Study

We designed a throwback-style site for a brand with deep roots, proving that they’re not just your grandpa’s shaving cream.

The Ask

Barbasol was facing a few different challenges. Younger consumers (looking at you, millennials) viewed shaving cream as an outdated product compared to gels. And they regarded Barbasol specifically, as something for older generations.

The Approach

Shaving products are commodities, so we needed a connection beyond the rational. The process of shaving evokes a sense of nostalgia—watching your dad shave through the steam on the mirror, the thick lather that smells just like you remember it. So we decided to move the site forward by embracing where the brand had been.

With a “what’s old is new again” approach, we aligned Barbasol to a story that was inherently true, thereby creating a point of differentiation. We leveraged brand history, iconic advertising, shaving facts and myths, and endorsements from legends like Babe Ruth. The site was experience-driven, and created a sense of community pride around shaving.

To really hit home with the brand story, we gave the site a throwback feel that was on-trend and intriguing to the target audience.


  • Content & Creative Strategy
  • Creative & Editorial Copywriting
  • Responsive Website
  • User Experience Design & Development

The Outcome

We put Barbasol in the hands of consumers by highlighting the brand’s heritage. The site lived on for years, and became a retail selling point to gain higher-visibility on store shelves.