AARP Site Redesign Case Study

Too many discounts? No such thing! ASI—part of the AARP network—was gaining more and more memberships each year. When customers weren’t taking full advantage of their discount plans, the company had us develop a website to keep them informed. 

The Ask

At one point in time, ASI operated five different discount websites. Dedicated areas included travel, healthcare and finance. Despite being separated for convenience, multiple sites left the user experience cumbersome and misdirected. The fix was both obvious and a true challenge. We were to consolidate everything into one universal website that would give members full transparency.

The Approach

We went through multiple iterations of usability testing, immersion exercises and persona updates. The results affirmed our beliefs: a large segment of members were unaware of certain discounts available to them. In many cases, ASI was offering much deeper discounts than most knew. We didn’t just see this as an opportunity to bring newfound clarity to the website. It was an opportunity to dramatically boost member satisfaction.

Completing work in batches, we had a tight deadline looming. Strategy, UX and design worked at a frenzied pace to bring all this content under one digital roof. Once it was, we knew we wanted to go beyond just the accessing of discounts. We expanded to give users bundling options, comparison tools and more provider information.

New discounts were always coming in. The company needed a way to update their website efficiently and regularly. Our modular design was CMS-integrated to give flexibility without the steep learning curve.


  • Customer Research & Insights
  • Analytics & Optimization
  • User Experience Design & Development
  • Concept Validation & Prototyping
  • Platform Implementation & Integration
  • Responsive Websites & Mobile Applications
  • Lead Generation
  • Email & SMS Marketing
  • ADA Compliance

The Outcome

A large segment of previously confused users reported feeling more informed and satisfied. It turns out that they weren’t the only ones to benefit from increased clarity. Providers saw an increase in leads generated, fostering the trust and collaboration that ASI’s business model depends on.