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November 6, 2020   |   3 min read

Social Synopsis | What’s New for October

Julie Sablar   |   Director of Social Media

Social media never sleeps. The changes just keep coming—especially the past few months. Today’s preferred channels are subject to evolving features, statistics, designs, algorithms and advertising on a near-constant basis. Even the largest brands and organizations can find it challenging to stay on top of updates capable of impacting business. We want you to know about the most significant channel-specific changes that can keep you ahead of the curve as a digital marketer. 

Download our Social Synopsis for October 2020.

Facebook Launches New Holiday Ad Features

With the holidays right around the corner, Facebook has unveiled several new Ad options for retailers including: Product Tags, new custom Shopping Audiences and testing discount ad options. 

While product tags aren’t new to brands, they can now be added to Instagram ads to help drive e-commerce sales in a more user-friendly way. And what better way to market your product tags than by utilizing Facebook’s new Shopping Audiences?

The Shopping Engagement Audience is aimed at helping marketers reach people who’ve already shown interest in their product or brand by doing things like saving a product, viewing a shop or initiating a purchase. Whereas the Shopping Lookalike Audience lets advertisers expand their reach by targeting “shoppers” with similar interests as their existing customers on Facebook and Instagram. 
Iphone with instagram market place interior and clothing

Finally, Retailers with Shops will be able to promote sales and discounts via the Promotions tab in Commerce Manager. Retailers can put products on sale, create offers that can be automatically applied or offer a discount on an item via promo code. 
facebook marketplace commerce manager discounts

All of these new features arrive just in time for the holiday gift-giving season; plus, they align with Facebook’s plan to continue driving e-commerce and mobile shopping through the apps. Learn more about the new holiday ad features.

GMC Makes the “World’s Biggest Tweet

GMC revealed the Hummer EV with the “World’s Biggest Tweet” campaign. This elaborate stunt showcased the new ride with precision drivers designing a tweet (and accompanying film) in the desert that was big enough to fit 270 football fields inside it. The tweet and film nearly broke the internet, generating considerable buzz for a vehicle that otherwise wouldn’t have been in the spotlight. Watch the film here.
Gmc yukon driving off road in sand

Updates for Grabs

Finally, there are several channel updates to put on your radar. 

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