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August 9, 2019   |   1 min read

Saving Lives with MindForge

Ryan James   |   Creative & UX Copywriter

The hazards of working at a CX agency like ours are what you might call scarce. There is the inevitable jam of printing paper, or the widespread panic of an empty coffee pot. But for some professions, daily jobsite dangers can have very real—and even fatal—consequences. We thought a lot about this during our work with MindForge, who are opening up new channels of communication between insurance and risk management professionals.

Construction LifeSaver is an app the company started working on internally, but later sought out our digital expertise for. The mission of the app couldn’t be more critical: make the day-to-day life of construction workers more safe. It’s an industry with thousands of workers across the country. These hard-hat-wearing professionals are subject to ongoing training and certifications.

How could we encourage them to stay up to date on these requirements? Create an app they actually want to use. The kind of app that’s fun to interact with, while never downplaying the importance of its content.

If you’re curious how we did this for MindForge, check out the full case study. In it, we break down modern design and UX principles that could be applied to any app experience. You’ll also see visual examples of the app along with improvements we made.

Something like worker training will sound “dull” or “monotonous” to many. Time and time again, our team has proven that with the right expertise, any business need can be made modern and impactful.

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