Elmer's Site Redesign Case Study

We redesigned the site and curated content to focus less on the products from the brand, and more on projects that make the brand.

The Ask

We proactively suggested redesigning the site to add value for Elmer’s customers. We wanted to strengthen relationships with the core audience by integrating content that would keep them coming back.

The Approach

Elmer’s is the go-to for school and craft supplies—and they’re associated with projects because of it. We saw a connection between that and the customers’ need for creative ideas, class lessons, and helpful tips.

Concentrated on four main audience groups (parents, teachers, crafters and DIYers), we categorized curated projects, blog posts, printables, video and lesson plans. We enriched the user experience and gave equal prominence to products and content.

In addition to partnering with Discovery Channel, PBS Parents and ABC Teach, we also sourced content from the most influential people of all—the parents and teachers themselves. This gave consumers a chance to both interact with content, and influence it.


  • Analytics & Optimization
  • Content & Creative Strategy
  • Creative & Editorial Copywriting
  • Customer Research & Insights
  • Platform Implementation & Integration
  • Responsive Website
  • SEO
  • User Experience Design & Development
  • User Testing

The Outcome

We rebuilt the site to add value to the experience, beyond showcasing products. Custom-tailoring web content, we empowered customers and encouraged creativity, which led to a deeper consumer connectio


Increase in traffic year over year


Increase in page views year over year


Projects printed