CollegeAdvantage Microsite Case Study

Considering to save for college raises one question: What is a 529? We created a microsite designed to answer that question—and many more.

The Ask

We were asked to make the process of saving for college a little less scary. New parents needed help learning where to start, and wanted to feel more comfortable about investing in something with an 18+year lifespan.

The Approach

We decided to explain the plans before pushing them. We created a focused, immersive microsite to ask and answer the questions that come up when parents are researching. Focused on the most important and daunting questions, we built a friendly, digestible experience that made answering them easy.

We combined art and copy in a distinct way to make the site stand out amongst any other finance-related experiences. A playful design approach encouraged users to explore, while engaging content was educational and reassuring—strategically avoiding anything that aimed to sell. Presenting problem and solution, “did you knows”, and social previews made unfamiliar, seemingly overwhelming content feel compelling and much easier to understand.


  • Responsive Website
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Consumer Engagement

The Outcome

We took something complex and communicated it in a way that connected with consumers, to empower them. The experience successfully drove users to, encouraging online enrollments and kit downloads


Enrollment kits requested