Top 2019 Marketing Trends to Know

What are the top 2019 marketing trends? Senior leaders at Mindstream tell you while looking back at 2018 shifts. Read more.

Checklist for Local SEO

Looking to gain more traction in the area of local SEO? Follow these checklists to support optimization of your Google Local Listings and on-site location pages.

2018 Employee Award Winners

Mindstream Interactive recognizes top employees in 2018 who uphold agency values of Curiosity, Collaboration and Courage. Read more about this award and its winners.

Unwrap an SEO Strategy, Not a Package

Looking for the perfect gift for your brand’s website? Avoid the allure of pre-packaged SEO and ask instead for a truly customized organic strategy. Read more.

Plaskolite Gets Modern Site Redesign

When Plaskolite’s B2B website was in need of a refresh, Mindstream was there to help plan and implement a modern redesign. Learn more about the project and get access to our full case study, here.

Agency Earns MarCom Award for SEO

Truly great work—the kind that earns accolades—is more often than not a result of great partnerships. Learn how our recent redesign collaboration led to a MarCom award. 

Meet Our Agency’s Newest Team Members

In the month of October, we proudly welcomed two new hires. Read on to learn a little bit about our talented Associate Analyst and Senior Art Director.

10 Tips to Improve Your LinkedIn Company Page

Having a solid LinkedIn Company Page is key to attracting job candidates, potential clients, current employees, colleagues, etc. Here are 10 simple tips to help you strengthen your profile.

What It’s Like to Work at Our CX Agency

Thinking about giving agency life a try? Consider working at Mindstream, where good times are balanced with high-productivity. Read on for an inside look at our culture.

Are Waze and WeChat Apps Social Media?

When it comes to Waze and WeChat, many marketers are wondering if these apps are considered social channels. After much research and debate, our team is here to share our perspective.

3 Elements of Quality Website Content

Your website is only as strong as the content you choose to fill it with. Learn about three characteristics of high-quality content as shared by our copywriters, strategists and designers.

Content Frameworks Empower Copywriters

When our team needed a way to guide clients in their in-house marketing efforts, we developed Content Frameworks. Let’s take a look at what these copywriting guides entail.

Creating CX Impact Using Artifacts

How can your brand create meaningful impact using established customer personas and journey maps? Find out in the third and final installment of our CX series.

Helping Clients Get More from Sitefinity

When it comes to Sitefinity™ we’ve found ways to modify existing features, create our own when needed and enhance the client and customer experience. Take a look at three challenges we solved using custom solutions.

A 4-Part SEO Strategy for Surescripts

With a new website designed by Mindstream, Surescripts didn’t want its SEO to fall behind. Our 4-part approach to optimization helped retain their organic search equity – and more!

How to Choose Social Channels for Your Brand – Pt. 2

Looking to incorporate more visually-focused social channels into your marketing plan? Explore the potential of Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest in part 2 of our Social Platform Evaluation series.

Social Listening - What’s the Importance?

As social platforms continue to place more value on posts from family and friends, how can your brand make sure its content remains relevant? Social listening! Learn more.

How to Choose Social Channels for Your Brand – Pt. 1

Wondering how to choose the best social media channels for your brand? If you’re interested in evaluating the potential of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, you’re in the right spot!

How to Implement Modular Web Design

Recognize the benefits of modular web design, but wondering how to use this building block-like design system? Find out how to start and maintain the process for a more efficient workflow.

Fluidity through Customer Journey Maps

With customer journey maps having transformed over the past 20 years, and a myriad consumer shopping habits to account for, how can brands ensure they’re getting the most out of this artifact? Find out in part 2 of our CX series.

Understand SEO, Don't Undervalue It

A recent survey left SEO feeling bruised – with low scores stemming from a misunderstanding of this key digital channel. To help with the healing, we are here to clear up some common misconceptions about organic search.

Why Modular Web Design is the Future

Why is this grid-style approach to web design catching on? It’s simple, organized and adaptable. Dive more into the modular mindset to discover the benefits of this popular design theory.

The Benefits of Emoji Marketing

Emoji are more than just tiny digital icons, they offer brands a way to relate to audience members in a fun and authentic way. Here are 3 great reasons for incorporating them into your next marketing strategy.

Better Personas for Bigger Transformation

Even with drastic changes to the buyer journey over the last 20 years, personas haven’t managed to evolve with them. In part 1 of our 3-part CX Series, learn how to create better personas that yield bigger transformations.

Build a Solid Agency-Client Relationship

What does it take to build a successful agency-client relationship? At Mindstream, we apply the laurels of friendship to every partnership. Learn more about the five traits of friendship we uphold.

CMS Q&A with a Senior .NET Developer

Looking to sharpen your Content Management System knowledge? Our Senior .NET Developer Bark Skinner shares answers to top CMS questions within his latest presentation. View it here.

The Mad Men Copywriting Method is Dead

When Mad Men first aired, audiences got an inside look at how creative agencies function. Explore the role of the modern copywriter through the lens of this hit TV show to see how it has evolved since the days of Don Draper and the 1960s.

6 Causes of Drops in Organic Traffic

Is your website is experiencing a sudden downward spiral in organic sessions? Don’t panic but don’t wait to ride it out! Be proactive by checking into these six common causes of organic traffic drops.

How to Assess Your Website’s Content

Looking to plan your organic content strategy for Q3 and Q4? Base your game plan on insights instead of guess-work. Here are some tips for turning keyword and content performance intel into actions.

Visit California Site Wins ANA B2 Award

What category did we help Visit California win in? Best Website Over $100K. Learn more about the ANA B2 Awards and the stunning website redesign that took home first prize!

Take Your Dog to Work Day

We love when when we get the opportunity to bring our furry friends to the office. Here’s what they think when they come for a visit.

​What Is the Future of Web Design​

We’ve got some big ideas about where web design is headed, based on both current trends and our expert gut instincts. Read on to view our predictions.

4 Active Lifestyle CX & Marketing Lessons

Many active lifestyle retailers – both mainstream and obscure – have figured out what it takes to hook consumers. Discover how your brand can distinguish itself in this booming space by reading four key lessons learned from these industry leaders.

Game-Changing Analytics for Washington Prime Group

Analytics is an art form that requires mastery of tools and left-brain thinking. Here’s how we painted a picture with data for Washington Prime Group to show the company what was working and what wasn’t.

Introducing Our Summer Interns

Each summer we hire a team of interns to help us with client projects. Take a moment to learn a little more about this year’s interns and how they’ll be contributing.

5 Steps to a Successful Site Redesign

Performing a full-scale redesign is a lot like putting your website through invasive surgery—it may cause temporary discomfort, but is necessary for long-term health. Reduce the recovery time of your site by following these five basic guidelines.

Social Content Calendars | A Framework for Success

Deciding how to get started on a content calendar can feel a bit overwhelming—but don’t sweat the social stuff! Follow these five tips to successfully get your next social media content calendar off the ground.

Solving for Accessible Web Design

Wondering how to solve web design-related accessibility challenges? In honor of Global Accessibility Awareness Day, we have shared several ADA Compliance considerations, perspectives less explored and how to make projects successful without creatively limiting yourself. Read more.

Google’s Data Retention Changes to Arrive Soon

In response to the General Data Protection Regulation going into effect May 25th in the EU, many US companies have had to make changes for their EU customers.

Will GDPR Rules Affect Your Business

Data privacy is a topic on everyone’s mind right now, especially with the EU’s forthcoming GDPR rules. Learn exactly what GDPR mandates, and how upcoming changes to data processing may affect your marketing and analytics.

4 Link Building Tips for Travel Sites

Ready to see your travel site’s link building efforts take-off? In honor of National Tourism Day, here are four methods for identifying backlink opportunities sure to capture the interest of your target audience.

Columbus MeasureCamp 2018 Recap

Social strategist DJ Heard sums the “unconference” up.

Overcome Facebook’s New Data Policies

In the wake of Facebook’s latest Congressional Testimony and new data privacy efforts, how do we as social strategists keep delivering successful campaigns on behalf of our clients? You’re about to find out!

Mindstream Wins a Sitefinity™ Award

We’re excited to share that our CX agency received a Sitefinity™ 2017 Website of the Year Award in the Multisite category! Learn more about the award and our redesign work that triumphed.

3 SEO Best Practices for URL Formatting

When it comes to URLs, the structure should be simple. But the process for getting there? Not so much. Learn what it means to have SEO-friendly URLs and three ways to format them appropriately.

How to SEO Your Amazon Product Listings

Since the late 90’s, Google has been a driving force in search. While other platforms have slyly encroached on its territory in recent years (YouTube as a video search platform and Facebook as a contender for local search), Google has remained largely undisturbed—until now. What platform has awakened the sleeping search giant?

Guide to SXSW Conference Survival

Wondering what to expect from the beautiful chaos that is SXSW? Consider this candid and illustrative survival guide, created by our senior designer and 2018 conference attendee, a must-read!

Why B2B CX Trends Now Resemble B2C

It’s in their application where things get interesting.

Do School Lessons Apply to SEO Writing?

After 12 years of Language Arts lessons, how many are relevant to SEO writing? Revisit four common grade school lessons and their links to digital copywriting.

3 Travel & Tourism Marketing Trends

In 2018, the travel and tourism industry is catering to generational shifts. Here are three trends that marketers should not overlook.

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