Successful modern organizations build their brands and business models around their customers.

Increasingly, a seamless end-to-end customer experience is the difference-maker in competitive markets, with more than 70% of businesses citing improving their customer experience as the top organizational priority. Adopting this mindset and putting it into action, however, can be challenging due to competing priorities, organizational silos and a range of technical and operational hurdles.

Mindstream helps organizations large and small rally around their customers with a rapid, collaborative approach designed to foster internal alignment, create organization-wide customer empathy and provide a clear path to an improved customer experience, no matter the starting point.

We call it the Customer Core

Artifacts that actually impact an organization.
All too often, planning deliverables are pinned to a wall or saved to a server and forgotten.  
The Customer Core delivers actionable tools that can be used to drive decision-making across the organization on a daily basis.

Mindstream Interactive

Customer Personas

that go beyond the surface using a hybrid qualitative-quantitative methodology.

Mindstream Interactive

Journey Maps

that effectively connect dots throughout the brand ecosystem.

Mindstream Interactive

Prioritized Opportunities

that map back to core business goals, ensuring investment aligns with impact.

Each piece of the Customer Core is also designed to be easily re-visited and scaled to account for shifts in the market and the near-constant evolution of the customer.

Unlock your customer experience in four weeks.
Mindstream offers an accelerated Customer Core Workshop, designed to create a foundation for understanding and activating customers across a brand’s entire ecosystem through a lens of critical KPIs.

A quick conversation will let us tailor the workshop to fit the needs of your organization.

Our research: CX Revisited

Fueled by proprietary research, we examine the state of the customer experience and outline four key opportunities for brands of all sizes.


Alison Trickett
SVP, Client Growth