When Facebook started out in a Harvard dorm room, Mark Zuckerburg was against advertising on the platform. But as we’ve learned, that tends to change as your company grows and finds its way into the hands of even those who are typically laggards when it comes to technology.

Now, Facebook more openly embraces advertising by offering unique tools to make advertisers, marketers, and designers feel more at home within the platform, streamlining the entire process for everyone involved.

Facebook has not been the only party involved in easing the process and opening up useful insights for advertisers. Facebook Partners such as Epsilon, Datalogix, and Acxiom have raised the bar for how we are able to understand our customers and tailor our messaging accordingly by supplementing Facebook's Audience Insights with third-party data.

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This divergence from simple friend-to-friend communication, to a brand-to-prospect communication tool began to take form with the rise of Facebook Business Manager. This was Facebook’s first concrete move to separate work and play for brand marketers. And for agencies, establishing transparency with clients and streamlining processes has never been easier. 

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The next step up, the Creative Hub, was introduced at Cannes last summer. This new tool allows you to mock up ads in various formats, ensure that the creative you’re developing meets Facebook’s guidelines and even explore an inspiration gallery. 

facebook creative hub

As we’ve explored the Creative Hub in greater depth with our clients, we’ve seen some pros and cons that Facebook will surely be working through as it continues to improve its suite of tools:


Speed: Templates and the ability to upload photo and video take away from time-consuming mockup work.

Shareability: Being able to generate a shareable link that works across desktop and mobile is a game-changer.

Exact representation: If your image has the wrong specs or won’t pass the 20% text overlay rule, you’ll know sooner rather than later.

Up-to-date templates: No more digging up that old article from Pocket to double check creative specs.

Ability to send to mobile: Seeing your ad “in the wild” before it launches is a huge benefit.


Cross-platform mockups: While Creative Hub eases the process for Facebook ads, a campaign that includes a Twitter strategy will lead to inconsistent mockups.

Reliability: The tool can still feel a bit experimental.

Video/GIF rendering: A video or GIF that may publish correctly won’t always display this way within the Creative Hub preview.




Nicole Spears

Nicole Spears Sr. Social Media Strategist