4 Active Lifestyle CX & Marketing Lessons

Many active lifestyle retailers – both mainstream and obscure – have figured out what it takes to hook consumers. Discover how your brand can distinguish itself in this booming space by reading four key lessons learned from these industry leaders.

Game-Changing Analytics for Washington Prime Group

Analytics is an art form that requires mastery of tools and left-brain thinking. Here’s how we painted a picture with data for Washington Prime Group to show the company what was working and what wasn’t.

Introducing Our Summer Interns

Each summer we hire a team of interns to help us with client projects. Take a moment to learn a little more about this year’s interns and how they’ll be contributing.

5 Steps to a Successful Site Redesign

Performing a full-scale redesign is a lot like putting your website through invasive surgery—it may cause temporary discomfort, but is necessary for long-term health. Reduce the recovery time of your site by following these five basic guidelines.

Social Content Calendars | A Framework for Success

Deciding how to get started on a content calendar can feel a bit overwhelming—but don’t sweat the social stuff! Follow these five tips to successfully get your next social media content calendar off the ground.

Solving for Accessible Web Design

Wondering how to solve web design-related accessibility challenges? In honor of Global Accessibility Awareness Day, we have shared several ADA Compliance considerations, perspectives less explored and how to make projects successful without creatively limiting yourself. Read more.

Google’s Data Retention Changes to Arrive Soon

In response to the General Data Protection Regulation going into effect May 25th in the EU, many US companies have had to make changes for their EU customers.

Will GDPR Rules Affect Your Business

Data privacy is a topic on everyone’s mind right now, especially with the EU’s forthcoming GDPR rules. Learn exactly what GDPR mandates, and how upcoming changes to data processing may affect your marketing and analytics.

4 Link Building Tips for Travel Sites

Ready to see your travel site’s link building efforts take-off? In honor of National Tourism Day, here are four methods for identifying backlink opportunities sure to capture the interest of your target audience.

Columbus MeasureCamp 2018 Recap

Social strategist DJ Heard sums the “unconference” up.

Overcome Facebook’s New Data Policies

In the wake of Facebook’s latest Congressional Testimony and new data privacy efforts, how do we as social strategists keep delivering successful campaigns on behalf of our clients? You’re about to find out!

Mindstream Wins a Sitefinity™ Award

We’re excited to share that our CX agency received a Sitefinity™ 2017 Website of the Year Award in the Multisite category! Learn more about the award and our redesign work that triumphed.

3 SEO Best Practices for URL Formatting

When it comes to URLs, the structure should be simple. But the process for getting there? Not so much. Learn what it means to have SEO-friendly URLs and three ways to format them appropriately.

How to SEO Your Amazon Product Listings

Since the late 90’s, Google has been a driving force in search. While other platforms have slyly encroached on its territory in recent years (YouTube as a video search platform and Facebook as a contender for local search), Google has remained largely undisturbed—until now. What platform has awakened the sleeping search giant?

Guide to SXSW Conference Survival

Wondering what to expect from the beautiful chaos that is SXSW? Consider this candid and illustrative survival guide, created by our senior designer and 2018 conference attendee, a must-read!

Why B2B CX Trends Now Resemble B2C

It’s in their application where things get interesting.

Do School Lessons Apply to SEO Writing?

After 12 years of Language Arts lessons, how many are relevant to SEO writing? Revisit four common grade school lessons and their links to digital copywriting.

3 Travel & Tourism Marketing Trends

In 2018, the travel and tourism industry is catering to generational shifts. Here are three trends that marketers should not overlook.

What Cause Marketing Means for Brands

With Cause Marketing here for the long-haul, how should brands be handling their opinions on hotbed issues? Here are some dos and don’ts to consider.

Brand Loyalty is Deeper Than the Product

Customers expect more from brands than ever before. With the death of product loyalty as we once knew it, here’s how to evolve your marketing strategy.

Top Social Media Trends in 2018

Looking to make your brand a social media standout this year? Be sure to pay special attention to these trends throughout the remainder of 2018.

No Such Thing as “Traditional” Marketing – Pt. 2

If you read part one of our blog series on the blurring lines of advertising approaches, then you already have a sense that times are indeed a-changin’. What was considered leading-edge not long ago is quickly becoming “traditional” again. There’s an easy answer for why that is: your customer has become more vocal, more savvy and more aware that their loyalty shouldn’t be taken for granted.

3 Trends That Will Define ADA Compliance in 2018

Are you giving all customers the experience they deserve?

Facebook News Feed Changes & The Impact on Social Advertising

Facebook has recently announced major News Feed updates that will further optimize content shared by family and friends over publisher, brand and (less drastically) ad content. Find out how your brand can stay relevant with these latest updates.

No Such Thing as “Traditional” Marketing – Pt. 1

Our New Year’s resolution for 2018 is to stop defining marketing in terms of “traditional” and “digital." Whether you’re a brand, an agency or one of our trusted partners, we think it should be yours, too.

Take Your Data-Driven Marketing to The Next Level in 2018

Data-driven marketing is a fantastic theory, but a difficult practice for most. How can your business turn data into meaningful insights in 2018? Check out our top 3 recommendations for taking your data-driven marketing to the next level in 2018. 

7 SEO Trends to Watch in 2018

Is your resolution to make 2018 the Year of SEO? Here are seven SEO trends that could be game-changers for digital marketers heading into the New Year. 

The Social Media Strategist’s Year in Review: Six Trends of 2017

As you look at your current social media strategy, does it make 2016’s approach feel like a much more distant memory? If so, you’re not alone. 

What the End of Dark Posts on Facebook Means for Your Digital Marketing Strategy

In 2018, Facebook will be doing away with "Dark Posts" in the US market. What does that mean for your digital marketing strategy? We surveyed our developers, designers, and account managers to see what they thought the overarching implications might be. 

Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday: Keyword Trends

Interested in the similarities and differences between Black Friday and Cyber Monday KW searches? We have analyzed the top terms and extracted six key trends.

Four Lockers and a Digital Barcode

Convenience and experience are now more affordable than ever.

Instant, Customized Gift-Giving

Shopping for the holidays can be stressful. Retailers have begun to roll out new digital tools that take the stress out of finding (and returning) gifts during the upcoming holiday season. 

Why The First Mention of Black Friday Came from an Outsider

Black Friday has been on Mindstream’s radar for several weeks now. Most of our bets were riding on Nov. 1 as the date when the retail rush would be unleashed and the deal mentions would start. It turns out, we were wrong...

CX Revisited | How Customer Experience Is Evolving

Our proprietary research looks into the mindset of today's customer and how brands can adapt to these new expectations. 

Why Keyword Rankings Are Poor SEO KPIs

Is your brand measuring organic website success based off keyword rankings? If so, here is why you should stop and how you should be using your ranking metrics.

4 Content Marketing World Tips That We’re Putting to Use This Week

Our CMWorld learnings may have spanned departments and timeframes - but here are some of the first tips we’re putting straight to use 

Google Analytics Gets More Intelligent

A huge step forward for humanizing the process of data analysis that also saves time on common tasks. 

Think User-First for Social Good: Digital Relief for Hurricane Harvey Victims

In Columbus and looking to give to the Hurricane Harvey relief effort? Consider attending the Columbus Agency Ball, an event benefiting victims in Southeast Texas, on September 19th. 

Innovation in the grocery aisle: 3 trends redefining the grocery experience

Grocers are fighting to keep up with new customer expectations by providing in-store pickup options and more e-commerce-style strategies. The question is, are they able to compete with the Amazon experience? Or could they potentially provide something even better?

Catching the Eye of the Active, Outdoor Customer

Mindstream Interactive strategists and account managers attended the Summer season Outdoor Retailer Show in Salt Lake City, Utah. Along with conducting on-site consumer research, our team sought out a holistic view on marketing within the outdoor industry.

3 Key Considerations for Building Better Customer Experiences

As customer experience experts and advocates, we returned to Interact17, at The Ohio State University, where this year’s conference was focused on the customer experience.

CX Week 2017: Building Holistic Customer Experiences

While CEOs believe their brands are delivering a superior customer experience (80%), only 8% of their customers agree. 

Navigating the Future of Data & Content with TrackMaven

60% of marketers think they’re “somewhat effective” at proving the value of marketing internally, but only 20% of CEOs trust their chief marketer. 

Mindstream Interactive Partners with Visit California

Mindstream Interactive has been hand-selected from a nationwide agency search for digital expertise. 

Why Facebook's New Politics Feature Answers a Key User Need

Pew Internet estimated last fall that 35-44% of Americans get news from the social network on a daily basis. This natural alignment of Facebook with political action is compelling, but that’s not the reason I’m so excited about it.

Personal is Professional

Translating personal learnings into professional learnings to stay ahead of the curve.

Instagram vs. Snapchat: Taking the ‘Pepsi Challenge’ of Live Content Publishing

Who will win the ephemeral content battle?

Facebook Tools: Social Marketing & Planning with Efficiency

Facebook is making it easier than ever for brands and marketers to streamline their processes. Check out what they're up to with the addition of the Creative Hub. 

Virtual Reality: Practical Application and What's Next (Part 2 of 2)

We have the technology. We have the market demand. Now, the real question has become, how do we create compelling content?

Virtual Reality: The History (Part 1 of 2)

You can't know where you're going if you don't know where you've been. This two-part series outlines the history of virtual reality and how it has found it's rightful place in marketing today.

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