Built to make a difference.

We exist to solve complex business challenges with creative solutions that people embrace.

We don’t create for “consumers.” Or “end-users.” We design powerful experiences for real, live human beings.

We have built a team that includes data analysts, strategists, UX architects, researchers, creatives and developers who relentlessly work to craft intuitive solutions that make life better.

Our ideas are informed by insights. Our solutions are built to make a difference. And our results are thoroughly quantified.

It’s simple. But it’s not easy.

The origins of our agency...

Founded in 2002, Mindstream was conceived as a purely digital agency—a niche we knew well then, and have come to master. Today we’re a fully integrated customer experience agency with amazing clients across the U.S. and Canada. Creating meaningful brand interactions is never far from our thoughts, nor are the virtues of learning and innovation.