Born Digital. Insight-Driven. Results-Focused.

At Mindstream, we’ve gathered digital experts from all backgrounds to rally around a singular commitment: creating the best experience for our clients’ customers.

A brand’s customer experience isn’t isolated touchpoints. It’s comprised of many interactions with its customers—mobile-friendly sites, social, email, apps, ads and the list continues. We think about how these touchpoints work as one, uniting them through innovative thinking that’s backed by data. The result? Content and experiences with staying power.

Data and technology have transformed today’s customers forever. We’ve experienced it ourselves. We’ve learned what works and why. Yet we find ourselves most interested in, and tuned in, to what’s coming next. The digital world is in a constant state of flux, and that continuum isn’t unnerving for us. Rather, it’s a place that feels just like home.

Ingenuity and innovation reveal themselves through solutions that make a difference, and through results with quantifiable value. We believe an insight is capable of sparking a business revolution. We’ve seen it happen. We believe it’s the customer’s perspective that matters.



Our entrepreneurial spirit has always favored perspective—an ability to see both present and future potential. We help our partners exceed customer expectations by showing them the customer’s viewpoint. Real business impact follows suit.

A little about where we came from...

Founded in 2002, Mindstream was conceived as a purely digital agency—a niche we knew well then, and have come to master. Today we’re a fully integrated customer experience agency with amazing clients across the U.S. and Canada. Creating meaningful brand interactions is never far from our thoughts, nor are the virtues of learning and innovation.

Born Digital. Founded in 2002, we’re a full-service digital agency obsessed with customer experience.

Insight-Driven. The best results come from knowing customers better than they know themselves.

Results-Focused. Every project we tackle is steeped in data and analytics from the start.