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Everyone does SXSW a little differently. The 20+ sessions per hour format makes it so a conference-goer has to really weigh his or her options while trying to take content and speaker credentials into account. It’s no easy task!

Doritos Wins This Year’s Digital “Big Game”

There are many ways you can spend 30 seconds of your life. Take a selfie and upload it to social media or maybe more constructively, pay a bill online, for example.

Email Trends Show Its Ability To Adapt And Evolve

Email tends to be (incorrectly) perceived as old news in a digital landscape that is changing daily. But, deeper digging unearths forward-thinking techniques that are keeping the channel as important, and impactful, as ever.

Prime Day: Did Customers Think It Reached Its Prime?

The public has officially survived its first Amazon Prime Day. And, while the results are still being tallied — particularly those tied to sales — the early read is that the event as a whole was met with a resounding "meh."

AdBowl 2015: La Chupacabra, Rogue CEOs & Poorly Dancing Sharks

Rampant debate on the Seahawks goal-line call aside, the dust is beginning to settle on AdBowl 2015.

Ad Bowl: Newcastle Continues Anti-Super Bowl Campaign Strategy.

Last year's If We Made It campaign was applauded by fellow marketers and the public that experienced it. And the Anna Kendrick spot landed on many people's top 10 commercial list.

AdBowl 2015: Super Bowl Week Is Holiday Season for Digital Advertisers

There's not another event where all of the nation is a captive audience not for what to buy, but who they connect with the most. For a measely $4.5 million, your brand could have 30-seconds of mass exposure — and scrutiny. Even brand loyalists are quick to throw their favorites under the bus for a commercial that misses the mark.