The 2016 Social Media Trends That Will Transform Your 2017 Marketing Strategy: Part 2 of 2

Co-Authored by Nicole Spears, Social Media Strategist & Katrina Ward, Senior Strategist

Whether your brand spent the past year mastering the basics of social media or surpassing every innovation goal, 2017 is a fresh start. In Part 1 of our 2017 Social Trends series, we identified trends at the forefront of social marketers’ minds as 2016 came to a close. These shifts forecast another evolutionary year ahead for brands on social media. If the fast pace of this transformation tells us anything, it’s this: your brand can capitalize on these social trends, no matter where you’re starting from. 

Reflect on your past year’s success, pick one of these resolutions and then forge ahead:

If you saw organic success on Snapchat in 2016, consider trying Instagram Stories in 2017.

o    Using Stories should help your overall performance by catering to the Instagram algorithm.

o   You can repurpose content without consuming too much time or effort.

snapchat and instagram

If you saw high levels of organic interaction on Instagram in 2016, consider taking advantage of one of the many updates made by Instagram to continue increasing interaction in 2017.

o   New features such as the ability to zoom in and advanced ad targeting options.

If you found it difficult to get a message across in 140 characters on Twitter in 2016, consider adding a GIF, video or Twitter Poll in 2017.

o   Additional assets, like gifs and Twitter Polls, no longer count toward 140 character limit.

o   GIFS can easily be found while composing a tweet.

If you got good engagement on cross-platform photo posts in 2016, consider investing in short form video content in 2017.

o   Video content can be as simple as a Facebook slideshow of top-performing photos or a Boomerang (created using one of Instagram’s sister apps).

o    Remember to optimize content for sound-off, mobile viewing.

If more than one person accesses your Facebook page or you experimented with Facebook ads in 2016, consider making the transition to Facebook’s Business Manager in 2017.

o   The transition offers more ease-of-use and security when working with Locations or Partners.

o   Performance metrics will help you better determine your paid social strategy for the year ahead.

If you noticed your brand conducting more customer service via social channels in 2016, consider taking a close look at your Facebook Messenger strategy for 2017.

o   Migration from apps to chatbots and social media has increased consumer demands for timely responses.

o   Taking advantage of a few simple built-in features, like away messages or instant replies, can help you stay ahead of the curve.

o   If customer service via social is a top priority, there are several ways to make “Send a Message” your Page’s strongest call to action.

If you felt your content calendar was stretched too thin in 2016, consider implementing a UGC or micro-influencer campaign in 2017.

o   Third party validation that’s on-brand and on-voice has a proven effect on brand affinity.

o   Repurposing evergreen UGC is cost-effective.

If you grew your social community on Facebook or Instagram in 2016, consider using Live features to deliver them timely content in 2017.

o   Going Live will bolster the performance of your page or profile, thanks to the platforms’ algorithms.

o   You can stream news or timely events such as company announcements, behind-the-scenes views or event sponsorships.

instagram live

If you did not get as many users as you wanted to download your app or visit your website in 2016, consider eliminating barriers to entry.

o   Promote Instant Unlock Cards on Twitter. These cards include buttons that drive users directly to your app or website.

o   Experiment with Facebook Lead ads. Allowing users to directly fill out your form on Facebook rather than navigating to your site.

o   Consider App pins on Pinterest which include an install button allowing users to download your app without ever leaving Pinterest. 

If you noticed a rise in engagement on Pinterest in 2016, consider using Promoted or Buyable Pins to continue the rise in 2017.

o   Pinterest has re-engineered its app, shortening the time it take to promote a pin to 9 seconds!

o   If you have an e-commerce platform, making a pin buyable relieves a user from having to leave the app, allowing them more time to browse your profile.


From broad and bold, to modest yet impactful, these resolutions will help to usher your brand into the 2017 social media marketing landscape. Meeting the opportunities that this fast-paced industry presents with perspective and an adaptive strategy will turn what feels like risk into measurable reward. 




Nicole Spears

Nicole Spears Social Media Strategist

Katrina Ward

Katrina Ward Senior Strategist