Navigating the Future of Data & Content with TrackMaven

Marti Post, VP, Strategy

Mindstream is fortunate to partner with several best-in-class providers across social media, analytics, technology and integration. Last week, I attended Spark!, a conference hosted by our partner TrackMaven. We have been leveraging their software and smart team for a year to help us better “peek behind the curtain” at what content is working well in social platforms, blogs, email and display ads. Our integration will be getting deeper as their platform evolves to support our mission of measuring business impact across the entire customer experience.  


We combined a ½ day hands-on workshop with a full day of dynamic speakers, and I came away with ideas flowing like crazy. Here’s what I mean:
- Data tells a story much better and faster than any narrative. If you’re wondering how to make a point, ask the end user or better yet, the upstream decision-maker. TrackMaven rolled out a survey of 200+ marketing executives and the results were staggering. Consider this: 60% of marketers think they’re “somewhat effective” at proving the value of marketing internally, but only 20% of CEOs trust their chief marketer. 

- Rally around a human need. We heard from several high-level content executives who are responsible for their brand’s story being told in social and across all of digital marketing. Hands-down the best creative comes when there’s a central human need at the core.

- Pick a lane and stick to it. This was a fascinating insight from Conde Nast publishing, who revealed that the secret to one of their magazine brand’s success on Instagram comes from being very selective and choosing to post just one type of photo. 

- There are several key reasons that fake news spreads like wildfire. We had the chance to study them all, and then turned those principles toward marketing to figure out how to make our content work in a similar (but positive!) way.

And finally, during a very thought-provoking and hilarious closing keynote, Baratunde Thurston (@Baratunde) reminded us of this: technologists such as ourselves are literally defining the future as we speak. We are figuring out the rules, and the code, and the expectations, and the possibilities of what our next generation’s world will look and function like. And there is not nearly enough diversity around the table for this decision-making, so we all need to include more voices in this process.
Oh, and last but not least, when @MavenTheCorgi has more Twitter followers than you, you need to step up your game! 




Marti Post

Marti Post VP, Strategy