Google Analytics Gets More Intelligent

Kim Towne, Sr. Digital Analyst

According to a recent Google announcement (and speaking from personal experience) web analysts spend half their time answering basic analytics questions. “How much organic traffic did the site have last month?” and “How is organic traffic trending over the last quarter?” are commonly asked questions.

You read that correctly. Web analysts spend half of their time answering these types of questions. Luckily enough, Google announced a new feature in Analytics last month that looks to resolve this issue. And they have been rolling out the feature to users over the past few weeks.

Now, a user can type those unique questions directly into Google’s Intelligence tool and instantly get the answers they need.

Essentially, “Ask Analytics Intelligence” is Google’s new tool for Analytics users to be able to ask natural language questions and get immediate answers regarding their website data.

This is a huge step forward for humanizing the process of data analysis that also saves time on common tasks. And if you ask us, any analytics task done more than once is worth automating.


For an active analytics user, the automated insights are helpful to bring up significant changes that are easy to miss such as a page load time dropping or landing pages whose conversion rate is dropping. Another useful feature is using the intelligence feature for advanced filtering. For example: what pages had the highest bounce rate that also had over 1000 pageviews? It’s a quick an easy way to get to data that requires more manual effort in the normal Analytics interface.

The tool allows a user to trend data over time, as well for a quick visual representation of the data. In its current state, the AI tends to struggle a bit with very specific trend viewing (monthly or annually), but at the bottom of each answer, Google asks, “was this helpful?” to help facilitate its machine learning and improve responses. 

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This new Intelligence feature is a great first step into making website metrics in Google Analytics easily accessible to the average user and even quicker for experienced web analysts that spend their days in Google Analytics, digging for meaningful insights. We’ll be watching for further updates to the feature as Google works towards assisting with even more robust insights. 




Kim Towne

Kim Towne Sr. Digital Analyst