About Us

While we have your attention.


Technology changes daily, and so do the people who use it. The challenges brands face have gotten more complex - become nuanced. They've taken on a life of their own.

We're here to put things into focus. To captivate and activate simultaneously. To make brands actually matter to their customers. How do we crack the code? It’s simple really. It just takes a little perspective.

We help brands find perspective by keeping three tenets at the core of everything we do.

Stay tapped in. Stay tapped in.

We know the difference between what's trending and what's a trend, and which tools to use - or not use - to make a connection.

Think in layers Think in layers

We work in multi-faceted teams, thoughtfully infusing the best learning from across the digital realm to uncover insights, create tools and experiences that transcend these layers to leave a lasting impression.

The brands we work with start looking at things a little differently.

They learn to step comfortably into the unknown. They become multi-dimensional, dialing their digital tools up and down in just the right combination to resonate.

And, they see real, measurable results, which raises the bar for us and keeps the arrow pointing up.


Steve Agganis

President, Experience

Kathy Weible

Chief Financial Officer

Joe Sano

SVP, Operations & Integrated Services

Alison Trickett

SVP, Account Services

Marti Post

VP, Strategy

Kaylyn Bredon

Associate VP, Creative

Scott Curtis

Associate VP, Technology

David Smith

Associate VP, Marketing Strategy

Sam Eubank

Executive Studio Director

Wes Meermans

Executive Studio Director

Thomas Benschoter

Senior Director, Account Services

Zach Gerber

Director, Marketing